Display Hooks and Specialty Displayers
for Pegboard, Slatwall, and Product Displays

stock pop display racks for retail stores

Stock Display Racks

We have been the leading manufacturer  of stock
P.O.P. Displays for over 45 years. Now you can buy them direct from the factory at the Hookstore

wire pegboard hooksINTROWIRE.gif (2631 bytes)

Wire Pegboard Hooks

Our all Wire Hooks are manufactured from high quality, polished,bright finish, galvanized wire. ball end tips for safety are standard. Our heavy duty hook is also available with a flat tip.

wire and plastic pegboard hooks for retail stores INTROW&D.gif (3557 bytes)

Wir and Plastic 2 pc. Pegboard Hooks

2 pc. wire and plastic hooks have a clean, high quality look.   The wire prong is snapped into the plastic keeper..  Ideal for use directly under shelves. Keepers can be pre-loaded on displays. Standard color is white. Custom colors are available.


All Plastic pegboard hooks for pegboard, slatwall and corrugated displays INTROPLAST.gif (2808 bytes)

All Plastic Pegboard Hooks

Molded from high quality plastic, our All Plastic Hooks are ideal for perfboard, corrugated or P.O.P. displays. Available in single prong, loop type and scanhook styles. Standard color: white. custom colors available


wire and plastic scan hooks for pegboard slatwall and displays INTROSCAN.gif (2965 bytes)

Scan Hooks

The new patented KWIK-SCAN self-locking plastic scan hook works in peegboard, corrugated and P.O.P displays. we also carry a variety of scan plates that can be used with your existing wire pegboard hooks.


Double loop type pegboard hooks INTROLOOP.gif (2704 bytes)

Double Loop Type Pegboard Hooks

Evolving from the old looped wire hook, our plastic molded Loop Type Hooks and wire and plastic combo hooks are designed to offer extra stability to awkward or unbalanced carded products. Custom colors available. 


Display hooks for corrugated displays INTROCORR.gif (4054 bytes)

Display Hooks for Corrugated

CLIPHOOK is available in both single prong and loop type styles. the extra long back plate works equally well with slotted corrugated and wire grid and power wings. Custom colors available.


display and pegboard hooks and specialty display hooks for slatwall - garments, shoes, picture frames, sporting goods etc. INTROSLAT.gif (3369 bytes)

Display Hooks for Slatwall

APC offers a selection of special hooks designed specifically for Slatwall including peghooks, shoe and literature displayers, as well as a variety of specialty hooks that can be used in both slatwall and pegboard.


plastic utility pegboard hooks INTROHKM.gif (2951 bytes)

Plastic Utility Pegboard Hooks

New HOOKEMS are small patented, self-locking utility hooks that won't pull out of the board during use. Ideal for everything you ever wanted to hang on a hook. For commercial, office or home use. Eight styles to choose from in six different colors.


specialty display hooks for pegboard and slatwall - for shoes, garments, sporting goods etc. INTROSPEC.gif (2985 bytes)

Specialty Pegboard Hooks

A variety of Garment and Specialty Hooks for literature, garments, hats , shoes, balls, picture frames, accessories etc.  Most items fit both pegboard and slatwall.



magazine racks, brochure holders and literature displays for retail stores, trade show displays, home and office

Literature Pockets

Large and small adjustable Literature Pockets for perfboard and slatwall adjust to any width. Molded from high quality transparent plastic. For magazine racks, brochure holders and literature displays. Available for pegboard and slatwall.


Merchandisers: j-hooks, strip merchandisers and shelf extenders

Merchandisers - J-hooks,
Strips, Shelf Extenders

Check out our selection of Strip Merchandisers , the same ones you see in supermarkets and department stores all over the country.  Metal and plastic strips work on gondola channels, flat shelves, walls, glass cases etc.  We have a full line of fasteners and accessories so you can use the strips all over the store.


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